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San Miguel   is flavor

San Miguel de Abona offers a wide range of gastronomic possibilities
for lovers of good food. Its taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants are places to get lost and taste delicious bites.
Top quality local products
constitute the raw material on which the wide culinary offer of the municipality is based, which includes different types of menus that range from the most typical of the
zone to a more international cuisine
or creative.
The crops of the midlands provide a great variety of vegetables and tubers, among which potatoes stand out. The vineyard is also widely represented in the area, and with it appreciated wines are made, especially white wines,
fruity and rosy whites.
Other products such as traditional sweets, cheeses or honeys also deserve to be highlighted.
In the coastal area you can taste
the most exquisite goods that come from the sea, always fresh and tasty.
Savor San Miguel is the great festivity
of the gastronomy of the municipality where you can taste the main local products.
It takes place during the second half of October and the first of November.

San Miguel   It is Local Product

This is the town that saw us born, but it is also the town that you, now, will be able to discover. Make a stop along the way and observe the wonderful corners and customs that it preserves.


San Miguel   It is Local Product


Farmer's Market of San Miguel de Abona

It's six in the morning. Women and men begin to load their vehicles with the best of the season. In addition, the week has been productive and they are convinced that today will be a good day.

Onions, carrots, papayas, leeks, peppers, oranges, tomatoes, jams, bread... All of this is placed with care in the different stalls.

The market is ready to open its doors, and as it does, a tapestry of bright colors is drawn before me, intoxicated with the smells of the garden.

I get lost in its aisles contemplating the variety, the freshness, the quality of our local product, the best price and, of course, the friendliness of those who serve me with a smile and good advice.

It was worth going to this appointment. In my bag, a piece of pumpkin, a bunch of spinach, three heads of garlic and two bubangos.

Today we eat pottage.


Lacasmi Winery (Agricultural Cooperative of San Miguel de Abona)

The winery was created by the initiative of several farmers who made wine with grapes from their potato farms. The elaborations of the time were handmade and for sale in bulk, which is why they feel the concern of joining a cooperative to make wine and start bottling under the label of the Regulatory Council of Abona with the minimum quality parameters required by the market. . In this way, the winery becomes the first regional winery on the island, offering us high-quality wines for more than 30 years. The characteristics of its vineyards are unique, extending from levels close to sea level to very high latitudes, above 1,000 m. above sea level

Altos de Tr3vejos Winery

Located in the San Miguel de Abona Historic Complex, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, specifically in a mansion with traditional Canarian architecture dating from 1790. Its main patio houses an important tea press for processing the grapes, which is dated 1822 , as well as many other agricultural and industrial utensils and tools of the time. Currently, different types of wines are produced, recognized nationally and internationally, with native pre-phylloxera varieties that come from owned vineyards, located in the Abona region and at about 1,300 m. of altitude.


Vento Winery

It was born in 2014 through a small and family project. From the beginning, its owners were clear that they were dealing with a product that was characterized by its closeness to the customer, since it was sold directly at the winery and farmers' markets. A winery that has its corresponding European certification and that always offers the most ecological wine possible. Their Crianza wines stand out, which are born from the best plots and the best grapes, making intervention in them minimal. The result is always the greatest expression of its grapes and its soils.

San Miguel   is Passion for nature

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