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Weather   and Landscape of San Miguel

Due to its location on the island, San Miguel de Abona enjoys a climate that corresponds to that typical of the south of Tenerife, where mild temperatures prevail almost all year round and little rainfall, which defines it as an arid and dry climate, with many hours of sunshine a year.



Experience the San Miguel Landscape

San Miguel de Abona is a land where ocher tones dominate its landscape, dotted with the white of the jable-lined orchards, and the yellow on its coast, which make it a paradise of contrasts. Its orography is very characteristic, characterized by a soft ramping relief from coast to summit, dotted by a set of volcanic cones that evoke the origins of insular nature. This relief is interrupted by long and deep ravines, such as Orchilla. Its coast is characterized by the variety of shapes, alternating cliff sectors with small beaches and coves of pebbles and black sand.

a great variety of shapes, alternating cliff sectors with  small beaches and coves of callaos and  black sand.

Experience  the Nature of San Miguel

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